Here is a little of the back story of why I am here, why I have taken on the idea of running a small business when it’s all so new to me.

I started this company back in 2016 to get in touch with my hospitality creative side. I was screaming out for something more, something that would get me out of the normal retail world that was just sapping out all my passion for life. Retail is way more than what people realise and the retail I was involved in took a lot of knowledge, patience and resilience. Resilience has gradually built up within me for many years now overcoming a lot of self- doubt, confidence and people pleasing issues that a lot of us face. Previous hurts had gotten me to this place, but I have learned a lot along the way that this can catapult you into your purpose. Staying in a place that is comfortable while being uncomfortable can be good and bad, yes you have some needs met however meanwhile you become less of yourself, less of the person you were created to be. With this being said the year 2018 was the year that I decided to do something about my comfortable while being uncomfortable situation, I decided to start taking braver baby steps towards my dream as you know you are the only one that can truly make the decisions and choices towards making the dream a reality. The year seem to take itself into its own hands, as much of the hurt that I may have faced I also overcame a lot and knew that I knew the decisions I was making were the right ones as they were hugged by grace and peace. I started the year by deciding I would go part time in my job as I had been full time over the past 6years, 6 years that I had grown from so many things that had made me courageous enough to come to the decisions I was now making. By the middle to later part of the year I was asked if I was happy with my hours or would I like to tweak my roster and by that stage I was happy to cut a few more hours. Not long after a few more situations arose and I was now braver, more courageous to put myself first and decided I didn’t deserve to keep living this life of upset and needed to move on. I was completely at peace with this decision even with having no real solid plan or idea of what was to come.